Over the years the Butterfly Garden has   grown and changed. On this page we will try to show those changes to the Garden and we will also show the people that helped make this garden possible.
November 2012
October 2012
Bob Demler one of our Butterfly Experts. This was taken in August of 2011 after the wood chips were removed.
August 2011
December 2012 after Hurricane Sandy. The Hurricane destroyed our Butterfly Garden Sign.
May 2012.
Jack, Joe and Lucas help us with the spring weeding June 2013
Chris French during our spring 2013 cleanup of the Butterfly Garden
This picture was taken in June 2013 and the shape of the Butterfly Garden is starting to come into view. We have a ways to go but it was a start.
The first walkway is in place
The Garden is lined and our walkways are in put it still seems flat and needs more color